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A little infographic on how to run a business in your phone

Who would have thought the time will come when you can run a business from virtually everywhere, specifically on a handheld device.

"It all started when the Palm pilots started keeping notes, contacts and simple applications while the Blackberry’s initiated pushing emails to make you so attached to your phone that you cant leave home without it."

15 years later the transformation from simple tasks has evolved into full functioning office applications that can do virtually everything to run a business on the go. I have currently two business ventures an office design & build company ARID Builders and an eCommerce shop Office & Others and these apps have worked wonders for both my businesses.

I took the liberty to take some screen captures of my phone to share how I organize my apps to be able to perform all the necessary functions to run some simple business task away from the office. Check out the anatomy of my phone...

The first screen is where I usually access all the basics, it is also where I do most of the digital and social media marketing aspects of my businesses using Hootsuite. Read / Curate content and store them in Evernote, access important files via Dropbox and communicate with my staff, sub-cons, and suppliers via Viber and Whatsapp.

The second screen is where I conduct the business aspect and monitor the developments of my online marketing thru Facebook & Google, Manage the online sales status of my eCommerce site in Shopify, issue offline invoices and check my finances in Quickbooks and verify my bank balance on my respective bank apps. 

It is also on this page where I communicate to my customers via Zendesk and send out newsletters and promotions to my subscribers via Mailchimp.

Within the second screen, I also have a grouped page featuring my Google Gsuite functionalities where I manage and consolidate external files with my team in Google Drive, monitor my websites traffic in Google Analytics and manage my SEO advertisements in the Google Adwords app.

Eventually, I won’t show my third screen where I usually take a break and watch Netflix on the go while switching to my NBA league pass subscription for those important basketball games. Well, my life is not that boring so I also have some Spotify moments on occasion.

"Anyway, You can do much more business over the phone but try to limit yourself to the basics to be able to cope with the fast-paced world of mobile technology and cloud computing. Above all hook everything together in Icloud… the Ipad, the desktop the Iwatch (if you have one) and sync them all together."

Lastly and the most important of all, remember to back-up on your local drive or NAS server, better be safe than sorry. 

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