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Active Workspace, Healthy Workplace

Active Workspace, Healthy Workplace by

We have been talking about Ergonomics for a while and the benefits that it brings to our life. But sometimes it may also be too complex a topic for us to understand the whole Ergo thing. With specialist and chiropractors giving about every research and idea there is to the subject, we tend to ignore the simple things that go with it.

Let's just talk about the basics here, research shows that sedentary behavior or sitting for long periods of time can be detrimental to our health and wellbeing. Simply put it this way, being active in your own workspace can be healthy and ward off diseases such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure associated with the sedentary lifestyle.

What is Active workspace? "It is a combination of encouraging gentle movements with the help of modern office furniture, equipment, and accessories that can be sustained throughout the day to foster health, well-being, and productivity".

You can easily transform your workspace into a hub for activity, which will stimulate your productivity and wellness. The reality is humans need to keep active throughout the day in order to remain healthy.

Incorporating various tools and active office furniture options into your workspace will give you the flexibility and convenience you need to keep active. Like incorporating an Actiforce height-adjustable desk alongside an ergonomic chair

Actiforce Height-Adjustable Desk

And even a second active chair like a Sitool give you options to rock and move throughout your workday.

Sitool Active Motion Stool

If the price is the issue, there are no excuses, "Health is Wealth" desk accessories like the Oristand desk converter are for those on a tight budget.

Oristand Desk Accessory

Lastly, Just standing for two hours throughout the day in regular 10-15 minutes per hour interval can help you burn an additional 340 calories per day and can greatly invigorate both body and mind.

The key is keeping you moving while working, is launching an "Active Workspace, Healthy Workplace" lifestyle to promote movement and activity while working. By taking active breaks throughout the day, to get the gentle motion and balancing between sitting and standing, getting up and moving will greatly reduce your risk of injury while benefitting your wellbeing.

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