M2 Humanscale Monitor Arm

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Designed to suit a range of settings, the M2 allows the user to bring their work to them, versus having to adjust to a static monitor stand.  M2’s articulating arm offers effortless height and depth adjustment for the majority of flat-panel screens available today, accommodating monitors up to 9kg (20 lbs.).

M2 Monitor Arm

Instead of using a gas cylinder to counterbalance the weight of the monitor, the M2 monitor arm uses extension spring technology. Without clunky mechanisms to complicate the design, the M2 offers uncompromising lightweight, long-term durability and an ultra-thin design that complements flat-panel monitors and attachments for a truly flexible workstation. 

*Available in White M2CWES | Ships in 4-6 Weeks

*Download the Specifications; M2_ENG.pdf

*Watch the video: The M2 Monitor Arm

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