R-Go Caparo Pro Single Monitor Arm

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With a monitor arm such as the Caparo Pro by R-Go Tools, the screen can easily be placed in the right position so that you will unconsciously be working with a healthy posture. Working with two screens can also easily be done in a healthy way by placing the monitors directly next to each other at the same height and distance. Preferably place the main screen right in front of the body to stimulate a straight posture. Using a monitor arm also created more space on the desk and ensures a neat, tidy workplace, which increases productivity.

Caparo 3

When working with a monitor, it is important to do so in a healthy way:

• Ensure a straight posture.
• Position the screen at a distance of one arm length.
• Make sure the top of the screen is at (or slightly below) eye level.
• Place the screen perpendicular to the window to avoid annoying lights or reflections.
• Change the font size and resolution to a setting that allows you to read everything.
• Regularly interrupt the work with short breaks.
• Exercise the eyes in between the work (by consciously focusing your eyes on something that is far away).

Incorrectly positioning the monitor has a direct effect on your posture. Whether it is twisted, hunched, or with the head up, these postures can quickly lead to complaints such as eye fatigue, neck pains, shoulder pains, and headaches.

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