LumenAire Pendant Light Purifier

LumenAire Pendant Light Purifier

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Introducing LumenAire™ Invisible Light Air Purification Solution, a simple yet effective way to clean, disinfect and eliminate airborne pathogens in the air by using the proven ozone-free germicidal UVC light technology that destroys the nucleic acid in the microorganisms DNA disrupting their ability to perform vital cellular functions, combined with our method of entrapping air to an irradiation chamber for longer periods before releasing it back into the room.  It is shielded against exposure to skin and eyes, so it is safe to use even in occupied spaces.

LumenAire™ means, we use Light + Air to reduce the risk of being infected by airborne pathogens. Nature has its way of dealing with these micro-organisms by allowing the power of the Sun’s UV light to eliminate dangerous viruses and bacteria from the air, LumenAire™ use the same principle indoors. 

*LumenAire™ (Patent pending) is designed and developed in Singapore, using the latest method and technology available in the market.


LumenAire Pendant Light Purifier

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: L1200mm x W100mm x H120mm

Housing: 6063-T5 Aluminum Alloy

Main Light: LED light strips c/w white diffuser (Adjustable white spectrum and intensity)

Disinfection: Shielded UVGI Chamber with reflectors  

Filter: HEPA and Carbon Filter Combination

Fan: 1 x Circular Blower

UVC Light: 1 x Philips TUV 55W HO 1SL/6  (253.7nm) 900mmL at 17.5W UV Output 

Power: 220V - 75W 

Lead Time: (on Pre-Order) 12-16 Weeks, Earliest Delivery Date 14 Sept. 2020 

Anatomy of LumenAire

Philips TUV 55W HO 1SL/6 Specification 

Philips 55W UVC

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