Pendant Light + UV Germicidal Air Purifier

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Air Purifiers only trap bigger particles in the air. Anything less than 0.3 microns like virus and bacteria can pass thru these filters. The LumenAire™ has both a HEPA / Carbon filter and a powerful dual 254nm UV emitter that performs as a UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) Filter to disable the DNA of virus and bacteria as it passes through an elongated chamber for maximum exposure time. It is designed to be sleek and stylish to fit any interior space.

The LumenAire™ Invisible Light Air Purification Solution, a simple yet effective way to clean, disinfect and eliminate airborne pathogens in the air by using the proven ozone-free germicidal UVC light technology that destroys the nucleic acid in the microorganisms DNA disrupting their ability to perform vital cellular functions, combined with our method of entrapping air to an irradiation chamber for longer periods before releasing it back into the room.  Our UVGI method is shielded against exposure to skin and eyes, so it is safe to use even in occupied spaces.

LumenAire in Lobby

LumenAire™ means, we use Light + Air to reduce the risk of being infected by airborne pathogens. Nature has its way of dealing with these micro-organisms by allowing the power of the Sun’s UV light to eliminate dangerous viruses and bacteria from the air, LumenAire™ use the same principle indoors. 

*LumenAire™ is a patent-pending product designed and manufactured in Singapore, it is supported by  ENTERPRISE SINGAPORE grant and developed in partnership with PHILIPS  TUV lamp technology.


Check out this video to know more about UVGI Air Disinfection 


Model: PLP-ALU6063

Dimensions: L1200mm x W120mm x H150mm W=9.8kg

Housing: Powder Coated 6063-T5 Aluminum Alloy

Main Light: 24W LED-backlit (4000K) c/w white diffuser

Disinfection: Shielded UVGI Chamber with aluminium reflectors  

Inlet Filter: Washable Pre-filter & HEPA - MERV-13

Outlet Filter: Activated Carbon Fabric

UVC Light: 2 x Philips TUV lamp & driver

UV Intensity: 30,455.5 uW/cm2

UV Dose: 283.2 J/s.m2

FAN: 1 x Centrifugal Circular Blower

CFM: 15 ft3/min.

Exposure Time: 0.93 secs.

Power: MeanWell 220-240V 50-60Hz

Controller: Wall-mounted Switch (Sold Separately)

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PHILIPS TUV Lamps & Drivers

Philips 55W UVC

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