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Altizen Healthy Workstation Solution

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Altizen is a smart motorized workstation that transforms any tabletop into a healthy standing desk. Unlike any other standing desks in the market, Altizen is intelligent – it engages, tracks and coaches you with its sensors and smartphone app, to encourage a more active and healthier life.

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Altizen is exceptionally easy to use. Simply press a button and Altizen quietly elevates to your pre-set height. Cognisant of your busy lifestyle, Altizen helps you keep fit by gently nudging you when it’s time to move, and tracking your progress with a smartphone app.

Altizen is made from laser-cut premium steel and has a powerful slim build that is extremely stable at any height. It features modular mounts for screens, so you can switch easily between single monitor, dual monitors, and laptop screens, at later points in time.

Altizen is installed in 15 minutes and comes with a 3-year warranty

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